Our Stories

How we got started

Hello! My name is Maddy, I am Michelle’s daughter. I am helping her fulfill her dreams by running social media and this website. My mom is the most giving and caring person anyone could ever meet. She started her career running a daycare so that she could stay home with me and my younger brother. She then worked at our elementary school so she could still be close to us. A few years later she and my dad purchased a plumbing franchise.

After almost 15 years of working solely with plumbing, she wanted more. She was influenced by her BFF, Saunda, who recently opened Barrels, Brews and Bites in Healdsburg, CA and by motivational speaker Mel Robinson. Mel talks about the 5 second rule. You need to count down from 5 and then do whatever it was you were thinking about without hesitation.

5-4-3-2-1 … She Shed Floral

Michelle, or mom, has always loved being creative and making people happy. What better way than to create custom designed floral arrangements to do exactly that..make people happy!

She would climb a mountain, in a rain storm to pick the perfect flower if it would put a smile on someone’s face. Then she would tell them “Oh, it was nothing”. She goes above and beyond for strangers making them feel like family. So even if you order an arrangement via text message, you will feel loved and cared for. You will become part of the She Shed family.

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